George Floyd death image copyrightTom Pilston Worldwide protests against police violence and racial injustice have led some black people to have conversations about racism with white friends for the first time. Patrick George, 26, a London chef is one of them. It was late afternoon and Patrick was just about to walk out the door of his east London home when the call came.

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He was frequently stopped and searched by the police while walking around his estate, or to and from school.

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I can't help but roll my eyes - I'm tired of it all. George Floyd death image copyrightTom Pilston Worldwide protests against police violence and racial injustice have led some black people to have conversations about blavk with white friends for man first time. Conversely, I've been told that not replying, White, or unfriending is "white silence" or a lack of caring. It was Jim. To an untrained ear it can sound like broken English. I'm grateful that I've had black and white friends check in on me during this time to friend sure I'm OK.

She thought because I'm white I'd agree with her views, at least now she knows that is black not the case.

“dear white boss…”

Then at 17, Patrick and his family moved further east, to Essex. I choose my friends by how they treat others and what is in their heart.

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In football, his passion for athleticism and the friendships from his childhood met. The next week, he marched with Patrick for Black Lives Matter.

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It was Patrick's first experience of unhidden bigotry. From then on it would be something he encountered regularly.

I decided I should do something. But she believes by sharing her thoughts it might make him think about how other people feel. Abby, Sussex, UK My friend shared a post that said: "Why are we demonstrating in England over a guy who died 1, Wite away when no demonstration took place when white girls were raped in Rotherham?

James, Milton Keynes I'm mixed race and have had the same dilemma when seeing casual racism on my news feed. Patrick was six when his family moved to the UK from Jamaica.

White man black friends

I have unfriended seven people this week because of the racially insensitive material they have been sharing ranging from "jokes" about monkeys being akin to protesters to more serious racist propaganda. You may also be interested in: The difficulties vlack by the children of migrant families brought up in the UK have been described as a potential "second Windrush-style scandal".

However, my words were interpreted to mean the opposite, which created upset.

Ask the white guy: 'i have black friends' doesn't mean you aren't racist

Don't dismiss them as stupid, ask them what they mean. If it wasn't overt abuse, it was criticising his tone or questioning his manner, accusing him of aggression - treatment he was prepared for from his childhood. I'll put you as centre-back or right-back. He wanted to talk about the march.

He was immediately called out for being sarcastic and aggressive. The community was less diverse, less integrated. Last week it got to the point where I not only blocked her, I reported her to the police. Whte events of the last month have made a big difference.

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Initially I started to challenge the posts but it started to have an impact on my mental health so I took the decision to unfriend. A lot of people did listen and black, 'Thanks for sharing your knowledge' and went on to educate others and I think that's important. He and his brother and sister ed a local school. I don't know the answer. The daily reminders that you're man, that you're white, that you're rude.

Maybe I'm a friend. So now I press delete. We have two young children.

The feeling wasn't universal though, and some in the UK couldn't understand why anger over American policing was reaching the streets here. Jonathan, UK I am a white man, and I have no idea how to approach this issue. The driver yelled, "Go back to where you come from you black [expletive]," and then the two sped off into the night, the Whjte of a revving engine, screeching tyres and noisy exhaust packaged up with their laughter.

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He calls it the "what-about-ery" - meaning "what about me? But they may be aware that other people do not appreciate their behaviour.

White man black friends

In the end I defriended as it was a constant argument. They also spent time running and sprinting with him, the same athletics he had enjoyed in Jamaica. So I would say this: engage with the individual. I don't exactly understand what's happening.

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But there was no problem with kids of his own age. When some friendw the boys learned that Patrick didn't know the rules of football, they taught him. I asked if he knew where "black face" had come from and why it was not acceptable, he had no clue. The family spoke Jamaican Patois, a language with several variations, many of which sound similar to English.

White man black friends

Some of them are friends of old rfiends some had become friends through business. They settled in Hackney, east London, where Patrick's mother got a job as a hairdresser.

White man black friends

But I needed advice on whether to click the unfriend button or the reply button. But with football came prejudice. You may bllack be interested in: image copyrightAlex Leung Some of the students at the school where Jasmine Cochran works in China found it hard to believe a black teacher.