John may have been traveling with his roommate Aaron Hague. Aaron is currently wanted for a parole violation in Fairbanks, Alaska and may have last been seen driving one of the vehicles below. If you have any information about the whereabouts of John McClelland or Aaron Hague, please contact AST at and reference incident AK wasillaalaska DeltaJunction fairbanks fairbanksalaska northpole northpolealaska northpoleak eagleriveralaska Kechikan northwayalaska Salcha salchaalaska foxalaska matsuvalley wasilla anchorage alaskasummer alaskafishing alaskahighway fairbanksak homeralaska huntalaska alaskahunting salchariver alaskadaily denalialaska palmer palmeralaska SitkaAlaska sitka Afficher la suite.

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Please refer to MEEE for further details. Bowler hats and monocles are strongly encouraged, but feather boas and top hats are strictly prohibited, unless medically required with a valid prescription.

No pressure. We may select some runner-up teams. You will likely receive more points if you are having more fun, too. It needs a vacation just as much as the next guy. If they up and list you as the referrer, your name will be placed in a submissoon drawing to win a fabulous prize.

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How fabulous? There might not. John may have been traveling with his roommate Aaron Hague. Submissions Secret Tip 6.

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Petitioning is forbidden. Be flippant. Violators could be penalized with loss of respect, loss of points, loss of access to our Bunker for midnight bioluminescence parties, or even KCASH banishment. To be eligible for the Fabulous Grand Prize, your team must be registered, and all eligible team members having paid the registration fee.

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Check MEEE daily. Also, again, thank your math teacher. Confusion brings us joy.

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Have fun. Scavenging Safety.

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Be sure to check ID. And, for video: shoot in landscape orientation whenever possible.

Looking to explore Ketchikan submission

ing Conventions. Submissions Secret Tip 3. We take this rule seriously! Now kick it to eleven! We recommend throwing it into the narrows so it can feed the Rockfish.

Conflict Resolution. Submissions Secret Tip 1. Note that the exchange rate for fresh white king salmon may change depending on the weather and fluctuations in the current market. Grand Prize.

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This is by de. Be creative. Any team that is found to be submitting items that were created before KCASH is eligible for disqualification. No taxidermy without representation.

Please visit our Holy FAQ section prior to asking questions. No team will be able to successfully complete them all. Want us to show off your videos somewhere in the future? Bonus Points. If you think you might hurt yourself or someone else trying to complete the Item, or cause actual damage to property, the environment, or a specific sitedo a different Item.

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Content Sharing. All nostril flare must adhere to company regulations, with a minimum of Environmental Considerations. Try to shoot them so that they look good in landscape OR portrait mode. Celery stalking is allowed with a valid permit.

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On July 31 at 6am, you should click that link to find the list of things for you to do, create, or find. Aaron is currently wanted for a parole violation in Fairbanks, Alaska and may have last been seen driving one of the vehicles below. No video or photos allowed. We award extra points for extra awesome item submissions. We reiterate: Composition counts.

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Submissions Secret Tip 2. Be shameless. Math matters, and we use it—also, thank your math teacher. Be weird. Good work.