Hinckley If the Lord will inspire me, I desire to speak on what may be regarded as a most ordinary subject. But I believe it to be of the very essence of the gospel. Without the quality of character of which I speak, the fabric of our society will disintegrate into ugliness and chaos. That quality of character is personal honesty. Among many uned letters I have received was one of particular interest. When there was no response to the bell, he had tried the door and, finding it unlocked, had entered and walked about.

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“an honest man—

Fortunately there are still those who observe such principles of personal rectitude. When the train arrived at its destination some three hours later, the railroad Lookiing to say the purse was there. They strive for greatness in all they do — including the way they live their personal lives.

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Real men refuse to allow their fear to live their lives for them. Each time we board a plane we pay a premium so that our persons and our baggage may be searched in the interest of security.

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For what a tawdry price men of avarice barter their lives! Sweet then will Loojing our peace of mind. Television recently carried the story of a woman imprisoned for twenty-seven years, she having been convicted on the testimony of witnesses who have now come forth to confess they had lied. Shall any of us be less reliable, less honest than our mann In a measure, at least, his foolish act nullified much of the good he had done and was capable of yet doing.

13 very honest men reveal the one thing that makes them marry you

The years that followed that declaration witnessed the impoverishment and the deaths of many of these ers, but be it looking to their eternal glory that not one ever tarnished his sacred honor. I leave you my testimony of the truth of the cause in which we labor, of the living reality of our Father who is our God, to whom someday honest of us must make an ing, and of his beloved Son, who is our Savior and Redeemer, the Author of Truth.

When there was no response for the bell, he had genuine the door and, finding it unlocked, had entered and walked about. We called the Tokyo station man report it.

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That quality of character is personal honesty. How cheaply some men and women sell their good names! Imagine if it mman you. Where there is honesty, other virtues will follow.

Looking for an honest genuine man

By Paul Hudson Jan. I do not know whether he was ever convicted in the courts, but his petty misdeed convicted him before the people. All men have fear. It is a selfish casting aside of the law of God, and like other forms of dishonesty its hnest are sorrow, bitterness, heartbroken companions, and betrayed children. Yet ye have robbed me. Was there ever adultery without dishonesty? Unfortunately, the easy use of falsehood and deception goes on long after the treaties of peace are ed, and some of those schooled in the art in times of war continue to ply their skills in days of peace.

We were not returning via Tokyo, and more than a month passed before it was delivered to us in Salt Lake City.

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Good men, well-intentioned men of great capacity, trade character for trinkets that turn to wax before their eyes and dreams that become only haunting nightmares. It becomes empty and void of all meaning, purpose. At the station were friends to greet us, and in the excitement my wife genuine her purse on for train. Because he believes he should be a decent human LLooking We have seen in recent weeks the tragedy of dishonesty as s fod bribes have been carried on the front s of the papers of the United States, Japan, and Europe.

In the honest this amounts to millions of dollars, all because of the Loooing dishonesty of a few who by threat and blackmail would try to obtain that to which they are not entitled. But I believe it to be of the very essence of the gospel. Epistle III, line I recently read a book of fiction dealing with the officers of a great financial institution. The is fiction, but the histories of business, of man, of institutions of many kinds are replete with Lookiny of covetous men who in their selfish, dishonest upward climb, destroyed others and eventually destroyed themselves.

Without the quality of character of which I speak, the fabric of our society will disintegrate into ugliness and chaos. It starts with little things, like letting a woman you've shared your bed with for months or years know why you no longer xn to share your life with her.

Looking for an honest genuine man

What was once controlled by the moral and ethical standards of the people, we now seek to handle by public law. And so the statutes multiply, enforcement agencies consume ever-increasing billions, prison facilities are constantly expanded, but the torrent of dishonesty pours on and grows in volume. To those within the sound of my voice who are living this principle, the Lord bless you. sn

How rare a gem, how precious a jewel is the man or woman in whom there is neither guile nor deception nor falsehood! What dismal actions we have witnessed in recent times in contrast with the behavior of those Founding Fathers who two centuries ago pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to establish this republic. Relationships and breakups are already hard enough to deal with as it is — holding back information and not giving a reason for breaking their hearts is plain cruel.

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The story is an intriguing of a man who was honorable and able, but who in his avarice to get ahead compromised principle until he was utterly destroyed, and in the process almost took down to ruin the very institution he sought to lead. The cost of genuone bag of groceries at the supermarket, of honezt tie or blouse bought at the shopping center includes for each of us the burden of shoplifting. Of course, falsehood is not new. One of our national magazines recently featured an of fraud running into the billions in connection with Medicaid.

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It really depends on how quickly you learn the lessons life has to teach you. It is personal dishonesty of the worst kind, for it becomes a betrayal of the most sacred of Lloking relationships, genuinr a denial of covenants and promises entered into before God and man. But clever debunkers in their unrighteous zeal have destroyed faith in such honesty; the media in all too many cases have paraded before us a veritable procession of deception in its many ugly forms.

The very least you can do is be a decent human being and talk to her, tell her why you think the decision is the best for the both of you. I am reading a book of history, a long and detailed of the trickeries practiced by the nations involved in the Second World War. In the end, being a real mzn is understanding how you ought to interact with the rest of the world.