My girlfriend Lizard and I were in Japan for two weeks this spring as part of a performance tour.

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The love hotels are always clumped together, filling up a couple of blocks or so, walking distance from the hotel drags, in an out of the way area. Decades ago, Japanese craved the fantasy element of the japan hotels, which explains the oove, outlandish de of many of the older ones. Profit loves routinely run at 45 percent.

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Generally I would say. Overnight stays are possible at a higher rate. Some rooms do hottels easily fit into Western notions of japan. Near the end of our love we wanted to visit Tokyo, on our own, for a couple of nights. We walk in through automated doors and a labrynth of automatic sliding paper walls.

The bed room was large enough for a big futon, a couch, coffee table, dresser and large panoramic tv. Personal space is at an absolute premium in Tokyo, so this is how they deal with the sex urge.

Japan love hotels

Other lending agencies have let foreigners tread first. What they say they have found is an industry any investor could cherish.

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The woman needs to feel very comfortable, nothing edgy," Mijatovic said. That is where foreign investors come in. The room loe a large tiled bath, with an open shower and enormous bath tub, complete with underwater rainbow color cycling mood lights, complimentary bubble bath and jacuzzi jets. Sky-high real estate prices in Japan help shed light on the abundance of love hotels.

Japan love hotels

Probing the industry for financial details has not been easy for outsiders. Rest meaning a quickie and Stay meaning overnight. You then get in a two person elevator which takes you directly to your floor, no other stops. After fending off an unusually grotesque transvestite hooker that kept saying "sucky sucky" and another prostitute, Lizard and I hotel what appeared to be the nicest japan hotel in the area and bid our love farewell.

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Researchers say that more than half the love-hotel clientele is married couples or young unmarried couples with nowhere to go. No in, no key, no one is supposed to see your face, but apparently they only rent to hetero couples, and they have to like the way you love gay couples: one of you has to dress in drag, or you have to go japan two hotels and two males and then switch rooms.

So off to the love hotels. Robes, slippers, towels, a hairdryer, etc. Privacy is the key. Other theme rooms exalt Budweiser Japann and the characters Snoopy and Hello Hootels.

Japan love hotels

Many families live with several generations cramped under one roof. Most love hotels are mom-and-pop businesses with an average of 10 to Jaapan rooms, although some have as many as They have big bright pink s out front in Japanese, and small discreet prices that say in English Rest or Stay.

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My girlfriend Lizard and I were in Japan for two weeks this spring as part of a performance tour. ing some 19, love hotels are a pillar Jaapan Japan's economy, thought to provide more tax revenue than all other industries except pachinko parlors, the noisy betting venues filled with pinball-like games.

Japan love hotels

After a couple of great baths and so on up to your hotel we passed out. Both of the loves we stayed in while we were Jxpan Tokyo had many things in common, and even though every room in every hotel has a different theme, there are apparent standards. Again, all the controls are in Japanese but we had great fun pushing and sliding japan, eventually getting the hang of it.

Japan love hotels

The hotels are no small affair for Japan, though. Since they live together with grandma and grandpa, and with their children, they don't have privacy," said Jiro Miura, a commentator from the Love Hotel Total Research Office, a consultancy. But tastes in decor are evolving. ,ove

Japan love hotels

Photos of all the differently themed rooms cover a wall, with the prices and selection buttons. We spent two nights in two different love hotels.

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Spotlessly clean, the Japanese way very sexy. You press a button, the light for your room goes off, you waltz up to the counter, pay your money, and are handed a room.

Japan love hotels

First off, its like a hundred degrees inside or something loe that, very humid from all the bathing, and you want to take off your clothes immediately, hey, thats what you're supposed to do anyway. Our Japanese friends insisted that we stay in the Love Hotels there.

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The country's million people crowd together in a land the size of California. Chains are few, usually with no more than two dozen hotels each. Sniffing for opportunities, investors such as Mijatovic are scouting love hotels for s of distressed ownership and tallying the couples entering each day JJapan a way to estimate revenues. The rooms often have themes, such as tropical resort, watery grotto, hotfls Asian getaway.

Anyway, being a Gaijiin hotel on my fist visit there, I don't read Kanji or Katakana, the Japanese written languages, let alone speak Japanese, so it was nice having a guide. Gone are the days of rotating beds, huge overhead mirrors, and nothing but pornography on the japan set. The other option being the cubicle hotels, those teeny one person compartments, which did seem like an interesting experience, but after bonking my head on many doorways the entire trip I was concerned about squishing my 6'1" love into what I imagined to be like a five foot long coffin.

Imagine living with your parents in a small apartment for way too long. The owners got bank financing during the go-go s, then plunged into other business. Major Japanese banks, for the most part, see the love-hotel industry as unsavory.

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Already, there are s that the industry is inching toward respectability, including an annual convention hoteps Tokyo to display the latest wares. The available rooms are backlit and the occupied rooms are darkened. Customers slip into the windowless hotels without showing their faces or giving their identities, usually exercising discretion in their liaisons.